Chetla Agrani Club was previously known as the Imperial Ground. In 1959 the club was renamed as AGRANI CLUB. The founder members of this club include Mr. Pradip Das, Mr. Giarsi Lal Gupta, Mr. Milan Roy, Mr. Bimal Mondal and so on.

With the formation of the club, Kalipuja became the celebrated festival of the club. In those days the puja was organized with huge funfair with big pandals, near about 50 gates, horse carriage procession for immersion and lots of enthusiastic crowd. Thereafter for many years, the Kalipuja as well as the sports activities round the year continued and many new members were joined the club.

In 1970 the club was officially termed as CHETLA AGRANI CLUB. A very popular tournament started in the ground which was named THE AGRANI FOOTBALL TOURNAMENT. The tournament registered such an event that the then Governor Sri Dharamvir was the chief guest in one of the occasions.

In 1990 a mporary club room was constructed in one side of the ground. This was the time when the Kalipuja celebration started getting bigger with theme pandals and became widely popular.

In 2002, the present Club President MR.FIRHAD HAKIM, currently the Hon’ble Minister of Municipal and Urban Development, Govt. of West Bengal, planned of constructing a big concrete club house with the financial help from the then MP, SMT.MAMATA BANERJEE, currently the Chief Minister of West Bengal.

Gradually, the Air-conditioned Clubroom, Multigym, Sauna bath was constructed. In 2006 the club was leased by the land owner and he donated the entire property as the playground of Kolkata Municipal Corporation by the behest of Mr.Firhad Hakim and the historic deed of Registration was signed by the then General Secretary MR.Ajoy Chatterjee. Thereafter the entire ground was illuminated and the lighting arrangement was done by MP L.A.D. fund by SMT. MAMATA BANERJEE for providing metal lighting for the tournaments, practice of Football and Cricket Coaching Camps and other purposes too.

From the year 2007 the club started organizing the Durga Puja which was previously celebrated in a small scale across the road. With the years the Durga Puja became the primary festival of the club. Chetla Agrani Club now ranks as one the leading clubs unanimous with the festival.

Presently the club stands as one the most renowned multi-activity clubs adding swimming pool, snooker court, pool parlour, other indoor games etc.